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The second:Advanced

As I wrote a script to search for “Jo” every month, I was praying for something that “Joe” could not be attached to the new era, but the wish is not clear and “Heisei” will be finally finished And The “Southern Regeneration” issue 59, issued in March, is entitled “Goodbye Heisei” and looks back on the history of the year in the past with the eyes of Amagasaki. It is the character of “Sei” of “Heisei” that decorates the cover that has received a lot of response from the distribution. If you look closely, something is lacking. Yes, one payment is missing.

The editorial department has three phone calls (less!). In addition, the readers who met it were directly asked the question “Well, what do you mean?” While answering every word, “Hmm, how are you? The illustrator’s sensibility feels,” various theories have emerged from the readers.

Heisei is not finished yet, such a theory of design, a reader-participation cover theory that “please pay for yourself by yourself”, the radical of the adult is “戈 <hokogamae>”, so wish in an era without competition Theory etc. The excellent interpretation that you have thought well until now is received, and you are tempted to say, “Now, that’s fine with that.” Speaking of this “Sei” character, reading aloud is also “Joe”. It is a place where I want to finish the blog with this, but one more topic of the castle town.

This is a story of a spear, not a bruise. I met the person last December. At a meeting, I listened to a presentation by a mysterious uncle who said, “I would like to restore Japan.” If you just listen to one, you do not know what you are saying. It is said that this is a school of “do” when it is exciting that it is not a foolish person.
Mr. Tetsuya Ishikawa (52) says that this book “Kotozaki Chiryu Jitsujutsu” related to Amagasaki Yukari is currently extinct, but he would like to read old documents left behind and read this art from the revival of Kashiwazaki Castle .

One piece in the consultation room of a project called chimata02 “Everybody’s Amagasaki University”.
It was 27 years old that Mr. Ishikawa met Sakai. While working for a company, he spent many years in the practice of Zen, searching for various techniques of art while straddling old documents. If you describe him in a single word, saying “The master was in the old document,” “Mira Mania”. That’s too hard. Because he was invited to practice from him, I went out.

On Sunday afternoon, there were seven disciples in the gym room at San Civic Amagasaki. In other words, there are probably only seven members of this school in the world today. It is said that it is a true spirit mirror wisdom seven. For three times a month, various people such as Naginata, Kendo experienced people, totally martial arts beginners, people who are interested in the history gather the character of Mr. Ishikawa who is of course the charm of this group. It was
The person who remembers in the chimata03 arm and the person who is not so both practice in practice.

At the beginning, the master learns how to hold the forehead and how to measure the legs, according to the teacher’s example. The strange figure I presented in that suit turned over, and I was tightened by the dignified appearance. I imagined that the practice of martial arts was strictly painful, but the way of teaching Ishikawa is very gentle and easy.

A hook-like bracket is attached to the middle of the bowl, which is the key feature of this mind mirror wisdom flow. Control the movement of the opponent’s eyebrow while playing out the upper (Joe) class technique of “taking” and “hanging” using this. It seems that the students are also challenging, but it seems that they have struggled considerably, and there is a depth in the technique of drawing out while interlocking the entire body, such as the opening of the body and footsteps.
chimata05 It is characterized by poke to the gap which was held down by “hanging” the other person’s bond with the key.

As Katsuhiro Okazaki explains in series “the technique” of the latest issue of “the southern rebirth” in detail, I would like you to read it if you find it in the city. Also recruiting students, if you are interested in training email Mr.