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The first:AMA-Madeleine

We started blog by staff of “Amagasaki tourist information center”!
The “Amagasaki Tourist Information Center” opened in front of Hanshin Amagasaki Station on March 25, 2019 has a staff member who knows the local Amagasaki well, guides you to the tourist spots of Amagasaki, distributes a tourist brochure, and a town with guides by volunteers We perform application acceptance of walk course.

Fully equipped with FREE Wi-Fi, guests can eat in sweets and soft drinks sold at the information desk at the chairs and tables.

It is a facility that can be used as a resting place for sightseeing and walking around town.

The Amagasaki Tourist Information Center sells souvenirs from Amagasaki.
Are there any souvenirs in Amagasaki? I think many people think. The opinion is good, because there is no road station in Amagasaki and no souvenirs in the expressway parking area. (The Hanshin Expressway No. 3 Kobe Line Amagasaki PA was made, but it is only a vending machine.) There are shops and convenience stores at major stations in the city, there are no souvenir shops for tourists, and souvenirs from Amagasaki There was almost no opportunity to see it.
There has been a shop called “Made in Amagasaki Shop” that sells items that have been selected as a maid in Amaga Saki contest and certified as “Made in Amaga Saki.” However, the store closed in December last year, and the Amagasaki Tourist Information Center opened on the site.
Therefore, we selected a variety of goods related to Amagasaki from the viewpoint of “Tourism souvenir” and sold it at Amagasaki Tourist Information Center. For memories of sightseeing in Amagasaki Castle town, those who live in Amagasaki also select items that can be purchased as souvenirs when visiting in the distance.

Speaking of souvenirs, sweets using the local specialties are a staple.

First of all, I would like to introduce you, “AMA-Madeleine”

It is madeleine using soy sauce “Nama soy sauce” made with Amagasaki tradition recipe.
When you open the bag, it smells like soy sauce. The balance of sweetness and soy sauce with sugar and honey is an exquisite balance. Madeleine is a large size, but it has a soft texture and you can eat it.
Salmon soy sauce (Nama soy sauce) has been widely known as a special product of Amagasaki from the Edo period, and there were soy sauce stores in the vicinity of Daizaki. It has disappeared once after the war, but it is this “grilled soy sauce” that was produced at the soy sauce plant in Hyogo Prefecture and revived by the almost same method as at that time.

Made from high quality whole soybeans, it is made by cold preparation and half year brewing, and it is low salt soy sauce with low salt compared to ordinary dark-type soy sauce. Very fragrant and characterized by a mellow taste. I thought that it would be hard to combine soy sauce with sweets in the pastry recipe, and I asked the owner Patissier Takemoto of the patisserie alk who is producing it, when I asked him about his feelings and points of appeal … Patissier’s soy sauce match It is often said that it was a big deal, but … In fact, without any particular attention, it was immediately made in about two trials. ”Voice of the staff at the tourist information center (… it is too honest, there is more )
The ginger soy sauce of the persimmon is better compatible with Madeleine than expected, and could be commercialized immediately. The low salinity and sweet smell of ginger soy sauce may make it compatible with butter and eggs.
Madeleine with a gentle taste, in which the character unpainted by Patissier oozes, has become a popular item for all ages, from the young as an Amagasaki souvenir to the elderly.

【Amagasaki Souvenir / Product Information】
■ Product Name ■ AMA-Madeleine
■ Size ■ 1 box 5 pieces
■ Price ■ ¥ 1,000 (tax included)
■ Ingredients ■ eggs, granulated sugar, flour, butter, fresh cream, honey, rice flour, almonds, soy sauce, baking powder
■ Production ■ Patisserie Ark
※ Please contact the Amagasaki Tourist Information Center for reservations and orders.
【Amagasaki Tourist Information Center】
■ Location ■ 〒660-0884 Hyogo Prefecture Amagasaki City Kanda Nakadori 1-4 Central Park
■ Business hours ■ 09:00 to 17:00
■ Holiday ■ New Year (December 29-January 2)
■ TEL ■ 06-6409-4634
■ FAX ■ 06-6409-4638
■ E-mail ■