Blog of the Castle Town

Hello.It is Amagasaki Tourism Bureau

Amagasaki Tourism Bureau has been up in March 2018, and it is a year away.

Until then, there was no group specializing in tourism in Amagasaki, and it was a year of the first time full of expectations and concerns.

This blog introduces the daily life of the staff of Amagasaki Tourism Bureau to the people supporting the Amagasaki Tourism Bureau (= people reading this blog).


First of all, from the introduction of the Amagasaki Tourism Bureau.

The current number of staff is seven.

We develop events and PR centered on Amagasaki Castle, and sell Amagasaki at travel fairs and campaigns.

Well, are you in Amagasaki Castle? The location of the office is the Amagasaki City Hall Kaimei Government Building, a 1-minute walk from Hanshin Amagasaki Station.


This government office is quite good.

The building was completed in 1937 as a primary school, but the stairs on the east side of the entrance to the south entrance have a semicircular overhang, and some windows in the entrance hall are round windows.

Seen from the outside, it looks like a boat’s boat bridge (the place where the captain maneuvers and communicates, etc.), and it is a design that reminds me that the sea was approaching to the immediate vicinity of this south side long ago.

The principal’s office, the inner window of the wooden frame, the lower locker, etc. are the remains of the elementary school days here. The stairs are still old wooden, so they sound like a loud noise that can not be heard even when talking with people walking side by side.

By the way, because there is no elevator, if you order a large amount of luggage, you will be seriously told “Please forgive me.”

Part of the 3rd floor is closed, but the hallways and rooms are wooden floors as in the elementary school age. This is exactly what time has stopped! ? The production company has visited as a film location candidate site of the Showa 30’s with a retro feeling that makes you want to say that.

There are offices of the Tourism Bureau, Service Center, Health and Welfare Application Reception, Environmental Monitoring Center, International Exchange Association in a large government building, and various people use it every day.


There is a person who takes care of the government office and surrounding trees, and the person is secretly called “the uncle of flowers”.

My uncle picks up some of the flowers that bloomed in the flower bed and makes them live in the corridor. The flower arrangement has been getting better and better this past year, and a word from the uncle is attached.

“Flower beauty kindness I am.”

Uncle, surprisingly deep! ?

A space where you can relax and unwind in your daily life, as the rage is over, Kaimei Office Building.

It is a registered tangible cultural property. Please stop by in the middle of the castle town walk.


Kaimei Office Building: The appearance can be viewed any time of the year, but the office building will be available only during office hours of each office. Please note.