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Horrible Amagasaki(ghost stories)

You won’t be able to sleep on August 3 because of the spooky world told by the famous ghost tellers such as Hiroshige Watanabe (Cinderella Express(comedian)), Yoshikazu Takeuchi, Tanishi Matsubara, Toshiyuki Tanaka and Kippo Ryuseiin(Buddhist monk).
Even if you regret, you can not go back again …

August 3 2019 (Saturday)

■Venue and Program
⑴ Amagasaki Castle (27 Kitajonai, Amagasaki)
Start at 19:00 (scheduled to end at 20:10)
ghosts : Hiroshige Watanabe, Tanishi Matsubara,Kippo Ryuseiin

⑵ Daikaku-ji Temple (9 Teramachi, Amagasaki)
Start at 19:00 (scheduled to end at 20:10)
ghosts : Yoshikazu Takeuchi, Toshiyuki Tanaka,Kippo Ryuseiin

⑶ Kaimei Elementary School(now closed)(2-1-1 Kaimeicho,Amagasaki)
Start at 20:50(scheduled to end at 22:00)
ghosts : Hiroshige Watanabe,Yoshikazu Takeuchi,Toshiyuki Tanaka,Kippo Ryuseiin

※Both venues will open 30 minutes before the show.

44 people(If application exceeds capacity, we draw lots)

Each venue:1,000 yen (with a horrible gift)

■How to apply
Please apply by July 24 2019 (Wednesday)the way of⑴or⑵.
・If we have not reached the capacity, we will accept your apply even after July 24.
So please ask Amagasaki Castle for the application status.
・Each venue accepts one application only, If you apply for the same venue more than once, it will be valid only once.

⑴ How to apply for a postcard with a reply card attached
Please fill in the items 1 to 7,Mail to adress below.

〒 660-0826
27 Kitajonai, Amagasaki,Hyogo Prefecture
Amagasaki Castle “in charge of Horrible Amagasaki”(must arrive by July 24 2019)

1 Venue(1 place per 1 postcard)
2 Postal code and address
3 Names of all applicants (with furigana)
4 Phone number
5 E-mail address
6 number of applicants (up to 2 people per sheet)
7 Age of all applicants ※ You can not apply under 18 years old.

⑵ How to apply from the web form
Please fill in the URL.

Horrible Amagasaki apply form