Event Details

This event is running from 1 August 2019 until 2 August 2019. It is next occurring on 2019年8月1日

Kifune Danjiri Festival

This dynamic festival begins on the evening of August 1 with a parade from the south side of Amagasaki Station. on the Hanshin Railway and “wild taiko drum” performance at the shrine; and ends the following evening with a showdown between two danjiri floats.

■ Date
  August 1, 2019(Thursday) 18:00~ Yoimiya(Eve of a festival vigil)
   Miyairi(Entering the Palace)・Abare-daiko(“wild taiko drum” performance)
  August 2, 2019(Friday) 20:00~ Motomiya(Festival)
   Jiguruma awase(showdown between two danjiri floats)
■ Place
  Kifune-jinja Shrine (6-246 Nishihonmachi, Amagasaki)
■ Notice
  You are not allowed parking or stopping your car around venue.And traffic regulation will be enforced.
 So please come by public transportation.
■ Inquiry
  Kifune-jinja Shrine(06-6411-0170)