Event Details

【Amagasaki Castle is also set to stamp point】Stamp rally related to Ogaki Castle

Stamp rally related to Ogaki Castle is held!
Stamp Points are Amagasaki Castle,Ogaki Castle(Ogaki city,Gifu Prefecture),Sunomata Ichiya Castle(Ogaki city,Gifu Prefecture) and Gujohachiman Castle(Gujo city,Gifu Prefecture).
These castles are related to the lord and the way of rebuilding.
You can participate in stamp rally with a card or your smartphone.Let’s collect stamps and get nice prize when achieved!

■ Date
July 20 2019(Saturday)to November 24 2019 (Sunday)
■ Stamp Points
・Ogaki Castle(2-52 Kuruwamachi,Ogaki,Gifu TEL:0584-74-7875) Site)
・Amagasaki Castle(27 Kitajonai, Amagasaki,Hyogo TEL:06-6480-5646) Site)
・Sunomata Ichiya Castle(1742-1 Sunomatacho,Ogaki,Gifu TEL:0584-62-3322) Site)
・Gujohachiman Castle(659 Hachimancyoyanagimachiichinotaira,Gujo,Gifu TEL:0575-67-1819) Site)
■ How to participate in stamp rally
You can participate in stamp rally with the card or your smartphone.
Please Check Web site Stamp rally related to Ogaki Castle
■ prize when achieved
【If you participate in with the card】
Castle’s special tin badge
You can get prize at Okunohosomichi Musubinochi Kinenkan(2-26-1,Funamachi,Ogaki,Gifu)
Okunohosomichi Musubinochi Kinenkan open from 9:00 to 17:00.
【If you participate in with your smartphone】
Ogaki City specialty products(To 30 people by lottery)
Ogaki Tourism Association(TEL:0584-77-1535)