【Special Features】Standard Fare & New Wave

Standard Fare & New Wave

From renowned shops to must-try shops,
Amagasaki offers exciting discoveries and fun encounters wherever you go.

Standard Fare


Founded in 1912, this is the oldest existing Chinese noodle shop in Japan. It specializes in egg noodles made on site with a rich broth from a combination of chicken and pork bones. A topping of the uncommon jelly ear fungus makes this dish very reminiscent of Chinese cuisine. The Amagasaki specialty, champon noodles with a special sauce, is a popular choice.

Standard Fare

Asahi HontenSkewered Pork Cutlet

This restaurant specializes in carefully prepared fresh ingredients on skewers from local Amagasaki suppliers. The texture is light though crispy. The kitchen serves as many as 3,000 deep-fried skewers on busy days, so the chef works with enthusiasm and economy of movement.

  • 2-28 Kanda Naka-dori, Amagasaki
  • 06-6411-9297
  • Weekdays: 12:00–15:00, 16:00–22:30
    Saturdays, Sundays, holidays: 12:00–22:30;
    closed Tuesdays
  • http://www.kushikatsu-asahi.com/
  • We recommend the 20-piece set.
    2,592 yen (tax incl.)

Standard Fare

Atariya(Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba)

It is not uncommon for three generations of regular customers to frequent this establishment known for its skilled staff. The style here is to grill your meal yourself on an iron grill, but you can also ask the staff to grill your dish before your eyes. The restaurant has ample space to easily accommodate tourists, and the slightly raised seating area is ideal for families.

  • 1-22 Takeya-cho, Amagasaki
  • 06-6413-1692
  • 11:00–22:00; closed Mondays
    (closed next day if Monday is a national holiday)
  • Expertise is on display in the thickness of the pork, the way the cabbage is chopped, and the flavor of the sauce made onsite.
    With pork and squid: 750 yen (tax incl.)
    With pork, squid and soba: 750 yen (tax incl.)

Standard Fare

Kagoshima-ya(grilled beef or pork offal)

The aroma of the grilled beef or pork offal with miso and soy sauce wafting from the storefront stimulates the appetite. Enjoy a conversation with the cheerful owner and become intoxicated by the deep world of Amagasaki! Take some out as street food to enjoy later.

  • 21 Genban Kitano-cho, Amagasaki
  • 06-6412-2036
  • 10:00–19:00; open throughout the year
  • Grilled offal:320 yen (tax incl.)

New Wave

VinVinBALItalian Dining Bar

Highly recommended is the steak cooked at low temperature with an abundance of vegetables grown on its own farm. The non-alcoholic cocktails are also substantial, so even those who don’t drink alcohol can enjoy a fancy beverage. The terrace seating allows pets, and the excellent atmosphere is reminiscent of a beer garden. The grilled lunch plate is also very popular.

  • Cheer yourself up with a photogenic beverage♪

New Wave

Rali Pappa Cafe

This is a popular restaurant for music lovers in Amagasaki. The owner serves as the representative of the AMAFES music festival and also hosts live events every month. Because customers can enjoy original food and sake until the wee hours, even those not intending to stay long tend to linger over drinks.

  • Sangria with fermented fruit made onsite:
    600 yen (tax incl.)

New Wave


This shop has so many vintage items and DIY parts, it almost feels like a secret find. Even novices are likely to be taken in by the charm. A coffee shop and leather craft shop are located adjacent to Amagasaki Kabukimono Village, where various events are held.

  • 5-2-9 Higashinaniwa-cho, Amagasaki
  • 06-6439-7874
  • 10:00–19:00; closed Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • http://gasakibase.com/