【Special Features】A Return to the Edo Period Castle Specialties as Souvenirs

A Return to the Edo Period Castle Specialties as Souvenirs

Many specialty products are popular in Amagasaki.
The souvenirs you buy while strolling our castle town are sure to become favorites.
Enjoy your journey back in time to the Edo period!

Masusen 《 Sakuradama 》

This shop specializing in fish paste is very popular in Amagasaki. It was established 160 years ago around the time of the Ansei era. The shape of the Sakuradama resembles a combination of two family crests — the “Janome” of Amagasaki Castle’s Lord Toda clan and the “Sakura” of the Sakurai Matsudaira clan. Not only is this fish paste flavorful, but when thickly sliced, it is especially beautiful. The fried tempura featuring pike conger and cod surimi is irresistible. Sakuradama: 600 yen (tax incl.)

Amagasaki Liquor Merchants AssociationSake: Amagasaki-jo;
Sweet potato shochu liquor:

Amano-shizuku is a sweet potato shochu liquor made by hand with traditional Amagasaki potatoes. It is refreshing mixed with soda in summer, while in winter the flavor is enhanced with hot water. The sake in the Castle Commemorative Package reproduces the flavor of the 17th-century Genroku-era product made when sake was being brewed on a large scale in the Amagasaki domain. It is a superb product that will be enjoyed in the shadow of the castle for years to come.
From left, Amagasaki-jo Sake: 180 ml for 210 yen/720 ml for 1,370 yen; Amano-shizuku Sweet Potato Shochu: 720 ml for 1,540 yen; Unrefined Amano-shizuku Sweet Potato Shochu: 720 ml for 3,900 yen (All prices include tax.)

Note: Available at stores affiliated with the Amagasaki Liquor Merchants Association in the city of Amagasaki.

Niman-ou 《 Taiyaki 》

The secret to its popularity is not only the excellent access to nearby Hanshin Amagasaki Station but also the price. This sweet red bean cake, which has a subtle sweetness, is 70 yen. Even the custard-filled ones that are popular with young people are only 90 yen. They are in the shape of sea bream, which were often landed during the Edo period. The castle lord would have bought a case if Taiyaki had existed at that time. From 70 yen per piece (tax incl.)

  • AMASTA AMASEN 1st Fl., which is directly connected to the West Gate of Hanshin Amagasaki Station, 1-2-1 Kanda Naka-dori, Amagasaki
  • 06-6412-5701
  • Open daily 10:00–21:00
  • http://ai-sakai.com/nimanou/

Amagasaki Potato (Imo) Signature Local Product Development Council 《Amaimono Tsuruno Taitan》

The Amagasaki potato was cultivated in the coastal area of Amagasaki from the late Edo period (1789–1801) to the early Showa era. As part of the Lost Amagasaki Potato Revival Project, air pollution victims in Amagasaki have taken the lead in reviving this plant since 2000. It became very popular to prepare this plant as a vine boiled in soy sauce. It is excellent accompanied with rice and side dish with sake. 540 yen each (tax incl.)

Note: On sale at Oguraya Iuchi at AMASTA AMASEN 1st Fl., which is directly connected to the West Gate of Hanshin Amagasaki Station

Ouri Tea Cafe & Dining Room《 Chikamatsu-no-Uta 》

As for Amagasaki’s most famous celebrity, the members of the comedy duo “Downtown” have their fans, but we think that honor goes to Chikamatsu Monzaemon. He is the genius playwright known as the author of Joruri and Kabuki screenplays, and his roots here in Amagasaki are deep. Maybe he enjoyed a tea break while pursuing his artistic endeavors. Here in the Kanroen store, Chika Tamura, a Japanese tea appraiser, personally selects the finest tea leaves.
Chikamatsu-no-Uta: 1,296 yen (tax incl.)

Kinjo Hinode Ame Honpo《 Hinode Rice Syrup 》

Close to Amagasaki Castle, this is a quaint shop with a 100-year history. The only ingredient in this hand-made syrup is rice, so it is additive-free with no added sugar. This renowned shop boasts comic storytellers and divas alike among its customers. The name, Kinjo, is an alias for Amagasaki Castle, which is also depicted on the package.
Rice syrup: 1,100 yen (tax incl.)

  • 1-36 Kaimei-cho, Amagasaki
  • 06-6411-0340
  • 09:00–19:00; closed Sundays & holidays

An appealing selection of Amagasaki Castle souvenirs

  • Kururin Pon!《The Amagasaki Castle Gizmo》

    This is an innovative craft item made only with paper and rubber bands.
    Knock them down, and they quickly rebound and flip. 500 yen (tax incl.)

  • 《Amagasaki Castle hand towels》

    Ogihara Issei, a painter of castles and dye artist from Sakai created the images on hand towels depicting Japan’s top 100 castles. Following the reconstruction project, the towel portraying Amagasaki Castle was reintroduced onto the market after many years. 1,080 yen each (tax incl.)

  • Amagasaki Tourist Information Center

    Located in Central Park at the exit of Hanshin Amagasaki Station, this tourist information center sells souvenirs in addition to providing information on the Amagasaki Castle Town, particularly Amagasaki Castle, the temples of Teramachi, and shopping streets. Offering free Wi-Fi, it is an essential stop for those sightseeing in Amagasaki.