【Special Features】What’s the best way to have a good time here? Ama’s Experience Tour

\What’s the best way to have a good time here?/Ama’s Experience Tour

Do you want to know more about Amagasaki and experience Japan more fully?
Here are some spots for those who enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Tour of Goshuin (Collect stamped cards.)

Try your hand at collecting unique Goshuin by visiting temples and shrines.

The design of the Goshuin changes every month.
Amagasaki Ebisu-jinja Shrine

This shrine is known as Ama-no-Ebessan, which brings prosperity to businesses and households. Every year on January 10, the Toka Ebisu Festival attracts crowds of people. The huge vermilion colored torii stands as the conspicuous symbol of Amagasaki. An original Goshuin booklet with two Goshuin included is 2,000 yen.
On the first day of each month, you can receive a stamp for the day of worship and a seasonal stamp.

Miko (shrine maiden) experience for visitors to Japan

Visit the web page to reserve a visit for two or more people.
Duration: 60 minutes; fee: 2,000 yen/person (Closed from November to February)

A charming slip of paper seeking good fortune
This huge torii gateway
is a landmark.
Chief Priest Nobuyo Otagaki
Kifune-jinja Shrine

Popularly known as “the universal tutelary god of Amagasaki” because of its deep reverence for the Lord of Amagasaki Castle, this shrine has served as a place of prayer for generations. It was enshrined in Sannomaru of Amagasaki Castle, but was moved to the present location when the castle was constructed by Toda Ujikane in 1617. For fans of castles, this is a must-see because you can receive a Goshuin stamp from Shiranami Inari-jinja Shrine, the enshrinement inside the former Amagasaki Castle.

Kifune Vaudeville Theater

During the Edo period, Rakugo vaudeville theater was presented in the Kifune-jinja Shrine precincts three times a year in March, May and October.

Original Goshuin stamp
Chief Priest
Masasuke Eda

Komodaru Barrel Making

An introduction to a valuable traditional industry of Amagasaki

  • Draw your favorite pictures.

  • Visit the factory and observe craftsmen at work.

  • Finally experience the latest cask-breaking ceremony.

Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten

Straw matting began to be used as a buffer material when shipping sake to Edo from brewing centers such as Itami and Nada. Naturally it came to be used as an advertisement to distinguish the brand. The number of craftsmen is decreasing year by year, but you can make your own original barrel and tour the factory that fills orders for barrels from across Japan.

Reserve by phone or email.

Duration: 60–90 minutes;
Fee: 5,000 yen/person
(Open only on Friday; closed from October to December)

Private Bathhouse

Houraiyu Natural Hot Spring

Everyone is in paradise in the hot spring.

Take part in a bath etiquette course. Includes admission to bath, towel rental, and beverage.
We also offer customers a free skin lotion containing hot spring water! Register for four or more people at least 2 days in advance on the website.


Duration: 120 minutes, Fee: 2,000 yen/person (Fridays only)

Travel just a little further.

  • Recommended spots for viewing factories at night
  • About 15 min by bicycle from Hanshin Amagasaki Station
    Night Views of Factories

    In addition to viewing these scenes with the naked eye, be sure to capture these compelling scenes with your camera. Why not share your best photos on a social network?

  • About 15 min by bicycle from Hanshin Amagasaki Station
    BOAT RACE Amagasaki

    Exciting races that will thrill your senses.
    We hope you cheer for one of the local racers!

Amakko Rin-Rin Road (Bicycle Route)

The bicycle route, about 11 kilometers long, is maintained as a cycling path from Hanshin Amagasaki Station to several Amagasaki attractions such as Yomogawa Ryokuchi Park, Deai Bridge, Ama Lock (Amagasaki lock gate), Amagasaki Sports Forest, and Amagasaki City Fishing Park.
For more information, please visit the Amagasaki Bicycle Portal.
Check out “Amakko Rin-Rin”!

Rent a bicycle at any of 13 locations in the city and return it to any rental location.

Hello Cycling started as service for sharing electrically assisted bicycles in Amagasaki. Rental rates are 60 yen for 15 minutes and 1,000 yen for 24 hours. Simply download the app, register, and book your rental. You can return your bicycle to any station displaying a Hello Cycling logo.