Notice on a tourist flow survey by Wi-Fi packet sensors

Amagasaki tourism bureau will conduct a survey using Wi-Fi packet sensors with the objective of understanding the traffic and tourist flows in the area in and around Amagasaki station with the cooperation of Fujitsu Tokki Systems Limited and Japan Research Institute for Social Systems Co., Ltd.

1 Survey method
In this survey, we observe information (Wi-Fi packets) from communication devices such as smart phones and obtain the status of move and stay of Wi-Fi enabled devices within the sensing area. No personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses or any kind of communication will be captured. Please see point 5 for further details.

2 Survey period
The survey begins in August 2019 and ends at the end of March 2020. Notifications will be made if the survey period is to be extended.

3 Survey area and the installation points of the sensing devices
The survey area is as defined in 【Attachment 1】Installation points of Wi-Fi packet sensors, and the installation points of sensing devices are shown with numbers.Stickers shown in 【Attachment 2】Sticker are placed nearby the installation points.

4 Handling of survey data
 ⑴ Details of survey data
Wi-Fi probe request frames transmitted from visitors’ Wi-Fi devices such as smart phones, portable game consoles, personal computers contain a unique identifier (MAC address), and we anonymize the identifier with a one-way hash function and transform it into a different type of identifier, from which the device is unidentifiable, used for further processing. Data records including the transformed identifier do not contain any kind of personal data such as the contents of communication, names, phone numbers, and email addresses, so individuals cannot be identified, and the communication contents cannot be intercepted.
 ⑵ Range of data use and the handling of data
Data is used only for the objective, and the observed raw data will not be provided to third parties. Data will be statistically analyzed, and the results of the analysis may be open to public on the website etc.
 ⑶ If you do not wish to participate in the survey
In this survey, Wi-Fi probe request frames transmitted from your smart phones and portable game consoles will be automatically collected. Thus, if you would like to avoid data collection from your devices, please turn off the Wi-Fi functionality of your device. If you would like your observed data to be removed, please refer to the following contact information. We will ask for the MAC address of your device and remove all the corresponding data from the observed data.

5 Contact information:
Amagasaki tourism bureau
Phone number: +81-6-6417-4946

Privacy policy on the observation using Wi-Fi packet sensors