“Amagasaki Castle” to go out of Summer

Did you go to “the Amagasaki Castle” yet?
From the beginning of general release from March 29 to July, it was crowded very much, but is regaining presence of mind now.
In one of the summer outing, how is Amagasaki Castle and the Teramachi sightseeing?
It is near to the station and of course, in the castle, is equipped with an air conditioner.
It is fun to be crazy about the making of memory of the summer vacation with a child and a grandchild! I put on the clothes of a princess and the ninja in the body, and it is in the display contents which “they become it completely, and both an adult including the experience zone” and “gun experience” and “fencing experience” corner and the child can enjoy to have of the taking a ceremonial photograph.
For the return of the Shiromi thing, please drop in at “Teramachi”. A temple of 11 that there is as for the important cultural properties a lot in a tasteful town appointed as for “Teramachi” about 5 minutes on foot from a castle in “a beautiful cityscape formation area” (the area that should save in history as an unusual area) of the castle town wait, and well tell in Nami.
In addition, at “the Amagasa come tourist information center” which opened in Chuo Park of the north side of Hanshin Amagasaki Station Amagasaki Castle distribute convenient “castle town MAP with full of the feeling” to sightseeing in outskirts. Please drop in before going to the castle.