“Amagasaki Castle” to go out of Golden Week

Have you already been to Amagasaki Castle, which is full of newspapers and TV, every day?
At the beginning of the general public from March 29, it was very crowded, but now it is calming down.
What is the Amagasaki Castle and the Teramachi sights to visit as part of the Golden Week destination?
It may be fun to open a lunch box at the Lawn Square of Castle Park or the Kaimeinaka Park, which has been developed in line with the public exhibition commemoration of Amagasaki Castle.
Please stop by “Teramachi” by all means on your way back from the castle. About a 5-minute walk from the castle, Teramachi is a quaint town designated as an urban beauty formation area (an area that should be preserved as a historically distinctive area), with many important cultural properties, etc. 11 The temples of the town convey the townscape of the castle town well.
In addition, at the Amagasaki Tourist Information Center, which was opened in the Chuo Park on the north side of Hanshin Amagasaki Station, we distribute the “Castle Town MAP” which is convenient for Amagasaki Castle and sightseeing in the surrounding area. Please stop by before you go to the castle.