Privacy Policy

  • How we handle personal information:

    • ・We ensure we handle all personal information appropriately and comply thoroughly not only with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information but also our own personal information protection regulations and their detailed operational guidelines.
    • ・We work with all diligence to protect the personal information we hold, and take necessary measures to prevent the leaking, loss, damage or falsification, etc., of said information.
    • ・When collecting personal information, we limit information to only that which is necessary, and collect and use it in an appropriate manner.
    • ・Should we entrust management of personal information to another body, in whole or in part, we will define how such information may be handled in a contract, and supervise as necessary and appropriate.
    • ・With the exception of where necessitated by law, we shall not pass on personal information to a third party without the person in question’s express permission.
    • ・Any questions or complaints about the way in which we handle the personal information we hold should be addressed to:
  • Inquiries

    Amagasaki Tourism Bureau
    3F Amagasaki City Kaimei Branch, Amagasaki City Office, 2-1-1 Kaimei-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo
    TEL:06-6417-4946 FAX:06-6417-5146